[SunHELP] Backup Choices?

Rodney Sparapani rsparapa at mcw.edu
Tue Feb 19 09:58:06 CST 2008

We're looking to buy a Thumper server and we will need to backup 24TB.
So, I'm looking at the following backup options:

#1: Sun StorageTek SL24, LTO-3, SAS interface with StorEdge EBS 
Workgroup software

#2: HP StorageWorks MSL2024-1, LT0-4
interface options Ultra320 LVD/SE SCSI or 4GB Native FC
software: Atempo TimeNavigator or Bacula?

The cost of the HP tape drive is a little more for Ultra-SCSI (is that 
what that is, boy SCSI sure has changed) to a lot more for FC.  So, I
think we would go with the cheaper option, any opinion?

We currently use EBS software and I'm not a big fan.  However, without 
trying something else, I don't know what I am missing.  Is TimeNavigator 
any better?  How about FOSS like Bacula?

Any advice will be appreciated.


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