[SunHELP] A question about Sun Netra 1400 fatal error

Ulas YUCE uyuce at NETAS.com.tr
Wed Sep 19 12:44:16 CDT 2007

Hi All,
I have a Sun Netra and there was a fan error like "first fatal error Fan
2 failed". We changed the Fan. Now it is working all right but when I
log into CLI and run lom -a I got the same error (first fatal error Fan
2 failed) still. but when I log into Lom and run environment command I
cant see a message like that but when I run show command in the LOM , I
got the same error again.

Since the fans are still working, I am trying to understand is that a
stuck alarm or is there still a problem in my server?

Is there anyone who have knowledge?

Nortel Netas COE
MAIL:uyuce at netas.com.tr
Telephone 1-800-4-NORTEL
ESN:882 5037

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