[SunHELP] Netra X1 once again

René Berber r.berber at computer.org
Sat Sep 1 19:33:50 CDT 2007

abs wrote:

> i'm sorry for being so vague.  i am a newbie, which is why i'm struggling.

Do you have the manual I mentioned?  It's a pdf file, the first one at:


> when i power the system on the regular green light comes.  the orange
> maintainence light never comes on. i don't know whether it is booting into
> the os or sitting in standby mode, as the system was purchased used.  i also
> don't know the ip address.
> All that is known about the system is that it powers on and is functional.
> i am trying to reinstall the operating system, but i am not even able to
> access it.

You are on the right track, first option to have access is using the serial
ports, don't confuse the label, LOM, it is a serial port and it can be used for
either terminal connection to a login prompt or Lights Out Management (LOM).
LOM is available even if the machine is off, it just needs to have power connected.

But all this is the same you can read on the manual I pointed out above.
Rene Berber

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