[SunHELP] Netra X1 once again

abs abhishake00 at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 1 18:19:25 CDT 2007

i'm sorry for being so vague.  i am a newbie, which is why i'm struggling.

when i power the system on the regular green light comes.  the orange maintainence light never comes on. i don't know whether it is booting into the os or sitting in standby mode, as the system was purchased used.  i also don't know the ip address.

All that is known about the system is that it powers on and is functional. 

i am trying to reinstall the operating system, but i am not even able to access it. 

Am i missing something? any help is appreciated. thank you very much.


Reni Berber <r.berber at computer.org> wrote: abs wrote:

> i have been working on a netra x1 for months now without any progress.  i
> trying to gain access to it via the lom port, but connecting it to a
> does not output anything.  I am using minicom on a debian box with the
> settings of 9600-8-N-1.

You leave many details out, I'm guessing the machine doesn't power up, that's
why you want LOM access.

> I am using the following pin-out:

Looks incorrect, do you have the machine's manual?  You can get it from Sun.

The usual port is (but check the manual to be sure):

Pin 1 RTS
Pin 2 DTR
Pin 3 TXD
Pin 4 Signal Ground
Pin 5 Signal Ground
Pin 6 RXD
Pin 7 DSR
Pin 8 CTS

Also, the port may be disabled for LOM access, but if the machine is powered
down that's not important, only when Solaris is running (in which case you
to run one of the eeprom commands to enable the port).

Reni Berber
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