[SunHELP] Migration applications to smaller boxes.

Francois Dion francois.dion at gmail.com
Thu Oct 25 15:22:01 CDT 2007

On 10/25/07, Grindell, Joan M. <GrindellJ at sec.gov> wrote:
> We currently have about 30 applications running under Jboss, Tomcat, and
> netscape with a Sybase database on one server.  We are investigating
> moving the applications to smaller boxes where each instance of Jboss,
> Tomcat (netscape will stay where it is)

What do you mean by netscape, the web browser? Or the old netscape web
server (iplanet)?

> would be on its own server.

Does it have to be? That sounds like a perfect case for zones on 1
physical server. There is no possibility of accessing one zone from
another, it is secure.

> For the smaller servers have the chose of Sun X86 or Proliant,

It'll all depend how much memory you need, how many transactions per
second etc you need. What is the budget? What is the motivation to
move from 1 server to multiple servers?

> for the
> OS's we have RedHat, Suse, and Solaris.

Zones are only available with Solaris.

> We are looking for folks who have been involved in similar types of
> migrations to see what thoughts they have on what would be the best new
> configuration.

We've gone the inverse way. Collapse a bunch of servers on T1000,
using zones. Saved money, saved support, saved rack space, saved
power, saved cooling etc. You might want to look at T5220 on the sparc
side (64 thread, that's 2 per virtual server), or if you dont need as
much concurrency but sheer single process speed is more important,
look at the X4450 if your current server cant handle the load (or even
an X4600).

If it is for ressource reservation, then definitely look at zones +
caps (=container) in Solaris.

> Many thanks,
> Joan
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