[SunHELP] OT: windows server question

Rodney Sparapani rsparapa at mcw.edu
Thu Nov 8 08:50:37 CST 2007

> Hi Phil,
> Microsoft sells the Distributed File System Service as a way to
> replicate shares in a simplified "couple of clicks" fault-tolerance and
> stuff.. Back in the day, people used to gather lots of Server shares
> across the network in a single point, the DFS root...(ala AndrewFS).
> Stephen previously said he has a W2k Server...
> "I have a nas cifs share that I need to have
> semi-permanently mounted to a w2k server - no matter who is logged on -
> or logged off"
> So, on that w2k server, fire off DFS service and "try" to get the Samba
> share under your DFS root (you should be running Active Directory
> previously)
> If that doesn't work for you, try to get (for free as in beer) Services
> for Unix from Microsoft, this should give you an NFS service

MS SFU (I like to call it SNAFU) is so messed up that getting it to work
will most likely be harder than fixing the original problem.  We spent 
months trying to get NFS clients working on XP.  And, they still don't 
work.  We've given up since Solaris 10 supports SAMBA and working with 
that is a joy by comparison.  I think this was intentional on MS part. 
They don't want to do anything that would help Unix.  But, maybe you'll 
get lucky and on 2K it will just work.  However, I doubt it.


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