[SunHELP] RE : SunRay 1 thinks it has a smartcard in it

mouline mouline at cbi.ma
Mon May 21 15:41:16 CDT 2007

Hello Rodney,

It will be better to post your issue at this forum

 sunray-users at filibeto.org

There is a lot of Sun Ray users that can help,

Best regards,


De: sunhelp-bounces at sunhelp.org de la part de Rodney Sparapani
Date: lun. 21/05/2007 19:20
@: sunhelp at sunhelp.org
Objet : [SunHELP] SunRay 1 thinks it has a smartcard in it


I have a SunRay 1 that seems to think it has a smartcard in it or
it seems to think it needs one.  The activity light on the top is
yellow (instead of the usual green) and the little light above the
smartcard slot is green (instead of usually being off).  While in
this state it does nothing, i.e. it doesn't try to connect to the
SunRay server.  Has anyone seen this before (and knows how to fix


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