[SunHELP] Setting up a Netra X1

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Wed Mar 14 16:14:45 CDT 2007

" From: "Chase, Edward" <ECHASE at providence.edu>
" Currently I've setup a Netra X1.  I'm using Hyperterminal and have a
" console cable plugged into LOM port.
" Everytime I close Hyperterminal or disconnect the connection the system
" effectively does a Stop-A.
" How do I keep this system running and how do I boot it without having to
" have the cable in it to type "boot"?

i don't know what the solution is, but i know your problem: 'break'
is the serial port stop-a equivalent, and closing hyperterm or
unplugging both send breaks.  there is a way to ignore the break but i
don't know it offhand.
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