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stephen price sd_price at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 8 10:10:41 CDT 2007

Blade servers are nice in concept - but from a data
center perspective - thay are a nightmare as far as
btu output is concerned.  Yes they are "smaller", take
up less rack space etc - but for the compactness in
size - you are squeezing more ram (heat generation)
into a smaller foot print.  Processors are getting so
much better in power comsumption - but ram is not! 
And all newer boxes are requiring more ram.

I've recently been in a large center where they are
collapsing into a large number of blade servers - both
wintel & sun - yes the room is now half empty - but
they have exceeded the electrical capacity of the room
as they are now eating it all in extra cooling for the
larger btu output of the blade racks versus the sun &
wintel servers in standalone racks that they replaced.

Just my random .02 thought - measure the btu output.


--- Paul Walsh <Paul.Walsh at uce.ac.uk> wrote:

> Please understand this is merely a "curiosity" type
> question...
> At present we have a V490 (2 x 1.35GHz, 8Gb RAM, 2 x
> 146Gb HDD) connected to our EMC Clariion SAN.  I've
> been asked to
> get the price for a second V490 (same spec.) to act
> as a "failover" (heartbeat/failover software as yet
> undecided).
> I've just been looking at the prices for the new Sun
> Blade 6000 systems and a blade chassis with two
> 8-core UltraSPARC
> CPUs, 4Gb RAM and 1 x 73Gb HDD) costs about 3K (UK
> list price, sterling) less.
> My question is this:
> What sort of power consumption/environmental
> differences would there be between, for instance,  2
> x V490s and one blade
> chassis with two T6300 blades?
> I rather like the look of the 6000s (although
> pricing of individual blades needs "tweaking" when
> compared to IBM blades)
> and would like to make a case for getting at least
> one, possibly 2 chassis on the grounds of a)
> environmental impact and
> (b) server consolidation
> Any advice/suggestions/input gratefully received
> PS. I've already emailed our Sun VAR with similar
> questions
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