[SunHELP] Sun Blade 6000 systems

Paul Walsh Paul.Walsh at uce.ac.uk
Fri Jun 8 09:37:33 CDT 2007

Please understand this is merely a "curiosity" type question...

At present we have a V490 (2 x 1.35GHz, 8Gb RAM, 2 x 146Gb HDD) connected to our EMC Clariion SAN.  I've been asked to
get the price for a second V490 (same spec.) to act as a "failover" (heartbeat/failover software as yet undecided).

I've just been looking at the prices for the new Sun Blade 6000 systems and a blade chassis with two 8-core UltraSPARC
CPUs, 4Gb RAM and 1 x 73Gb HDD) costs about 3K (UK list price, sterling) less.

My question is this:

What sort of power consumption/environmental differences would there be between, for instance,  2 x V490s and one blade
chassis with two T6300 blades?

I rather like the look of the 6000s (although pricing of individual blades needs "tweaking" when compared to IBM blades)
and would like to make a case for getting at least one, possibly 2 chassis on the grounds of a) environmental impact and

(b) server consolidation

Any advice/suggestions/input gratefully received

PS. I've already emailed our Sun VAR with similar questions


Paul Walsh

Systems Manager (UNIX),
Information & Communication Technology,
UCE Birmingham, BIRMINGHAM B42 2SU, UK

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