[SunHELP] Sun Blade 6000 systems

Bill Bradford mrbill at mrbill.net
Sat Jul 14 20:17:33 CDT 2007

On Fri, Jun 08, 2007 at 08:10:41AM -0700, stephen price wrote:
> Blade servers are nice in concept - but from a data
> center perspective - thay are a nightmare as far as
> btu output is concerned.  Yes they are "smaller", take
> up less rack space etc - but for the compactness in
> size - you are squeezing more ram (heat generation)
> into a smaller foot print.  Processors are getting so
> much better in power comsumption - but ram is not! 
> And all newer boxes are requiring more ram.

We're doing more VMs (VMWare ESX clusters) than blade servers - at
work during our last "purge of the datacenter junk", someone tossed
out a COMPLETE Xeon-based Dell blade server, because it was a PITA 
to run, wasn't reliable, and NOBODY WANTED IT.  So, the scrappers
got it.

I'm *loving* VMWare - both on the clusters, on my Windows ("work") desktop,
and here at home on the Mac - I no longer have to mess with "real" hardware
for temporary-use testing/dev systems.  Solaris 10 Zones are saving the day
in some situations as well - one of our devs needed three "machines" to 
debug a licensing problem on, so he got three zones on the Ultra 10 under
my desk (all-SCSI, 1G RAM).


Bill Bradford 
Houston, Texas

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