[SunHELP] Patch clusters, getting up to date while addressing 2007 DST changes

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Mon Feb 5 12:53:36 CST 2007

I verified that the DST patches for 2007 (Americas) are included in the 
current Recommended clusters.

For Solaris 8 that would be

Solaris 9

As far as getting up to date:
It appears that a Solaris Recommended cluster includes the latest 
versions of the Sun Alert Patches.  The Sun Alert Patch cluster appears 
to have the minimum version of each Sun Alert Patch needed to address 
the alert.  If that is the case then applying only the Solaris 
Recommended cluster should take care of the universal patches and Sun 
Alerts.  If I also wanted J2SE related fixes as well, would I apply 
things in this order:
1st: Solaris X Recommended
2nd: J2SE Solaris X

It looks like most of the patches for a J2SE cluster are usually 
included in a Solaris X Recommended cluster, however even with Solaris 
9, the processing time for patchadd to recognize that a patch is applied 
is taking nearly as long as appling a patch.  Is there any thing that 
can be done to speed up the recognition of already applied patches while 
using patchadd?

Thanks for any feedback.

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