[SunHELP] solaris 10 problem

James Fogg James at jdfogg.com
Fri Aug 10 20:47:50 CDT 2007

> hello all,
> i've installed solaris 10 on a dell poweredge2650. it
> installed fine and it is up and running, but i am running
> into problems on power cycles.  when i reboot the system the
> monitor no longer sees a signal.  the last time this happened
> i issued a ctrl-alt-del at startup and that somehow got it
> work. i am not sure exactly what signal needs to be sent.

Do you see the "POST" messages? If not, this is a Dell issue, not a
Solaris issue.

If the monitor switches to powersave mode after boot then it might be a
Solaris issue, and probably related to video card drivers (which brings
it back to a Dell issue again). If it's a video card issue, see if there
is a software or firmware tool to disable powersave mode. You might have
to boot into some other OS to use such a tool.

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