[SunHELP] Hardlinks in Solaris 8

Stefan Bielenberg sbielenberg at ulysea.com
Tue Apr 17 07:44:18 CDT 2007

> I want to use hardlinks insteed of coping
> real files and subdirectories.
> In Linux I can do something like this:
>   cp -al dir1 dir2
> but this options no exists in Solaris.
> What can I do to have the same functionality?

Thanks for your help. Finaly the right solution was an option in newer RSYNC
versions: --link-dest=DIR

So now I can write:

  rsync -avz --delete --link-dest=dir1 source_dir/ dir0/

and create backup files and hardlinks in one step, instead of:

  copy -al dir0 dir1
  rsync -avz --delete source_dir/ dir0/


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