[SunHELP] rsync for one time Oracle data migration to new array

Scott Walker crimson at unspeakable.org
Wed Sep 20 11:52:54 CDT 2006

> Do you guys have any feedback on this?  Its fuel to fire or perhaps
> things I should consider.

Paragraphs for a start...

Second, I have never personally ran into a directory depth issue with
rsync. I believe it would also depend on filesystem type.

listmail wrote:
> I need a little feedback on a proposal I've made to management which 
> involves migrating an Oracle E-business suite installation from an older 
> EMC FC4700 to a CX500 storage array.  One option proposed by EMC was to 
> use LVM mirroring and detach later while the system was down.  This does 
> sound good because it allows to bring the system up while resyncing.  We 
> don't use Vertitas Volume manager for unlisted reasons and while I do 
> use SDS for the root OS mirrors and have a had good success with it, I 
> do not like altering my source data or access methods in any manner that 
> could jeopardize it's integrity.  I have cloned these installations many 
> times both locally an across the wire using rsync and haven't had 
> anything crop up which would lead me to believe my data was not 1 to 1.  
> What I have proposed was that I'd do an initial sync of the files during 
> the day to get the majority of the work done before a migration weekend 
> and then while the system was down that weekend I would have rsync copy 
> or delete what it needs on the target to get things 1:1 with the 
> source.  Since the Oracle database files are every changing and large 
> I've chosen to skip these files until we are down and executing the 
> migration.  One of the questions I was asked by management was if rsync 
> had any directory depth limitations.  My initial response is that I 
> think rsync would complain if it ran into something like and I also 
> believe that rsync would use up the system memory before it ran into a 
> depth limitation.  I'm pretty certain that their isn't any particular 
> file type (ie links etc) that rsync does not handle correctly.  I think 
> with both approaches most of the concerns lie within mapping the luns 
> correctly, copying the data to the right luns which are assigned the 
> right servers and making sure all relevant mount points for each server 
> are considered.
> Do you guys have any feedback on this?  Its fuel to fire or perhaps 
> things I should consider.
> Thanks.
> 2 servers Solaris 9, 2 Solaris 8
> all running rsync 2.6.8
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