[SunHELP] How to check what hardware is available?

Alexander Skwar listen at alexander.skwar.name
Fri Sep 1 06:27:05 CDT 2006


As I'm having problems accessing my DVD, I'm wondering if the
DVD drive is properly connected. 

To check, I switched to the boot prompted and typed probe-ide. I got:

{1} ok probe-ide
  Device 0  ( Primary Master )
         Not Present

  Device 1  ( Primary Slave )
         Not Present

  Device 2  ( Secondary Master )
         Not Present

  Device 3  ( Secondary Slave )
         Not Present

Hm - no DVD drive.

Next, I ran probe-scsi:

{1} ok probe-scsi
Target 0
  Unit 0   Disk     SEAGATE ST336607LSUN36G 0507
Target 1
  Unit 0   Disk     SEAGATE ST336607LSUN36G 0507


Where is my DVD drive?

Should I start to panic? :)

Alexander Skwar
In space, no one can hear you fart.

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