[SunHELP] UE60 - screen output problem

Michael Karl mk at lexcom-net.de
Tue Oct 3 08:36:21 CDT 2006


I have here an Ultra Enterprise 60 Desktop with Creator 3D.

A person disconnected the monitor last Thursday
and reconnected on last Friday morning. After this
action the machine crashed and didn't boot anymore.

If I remove this Creator 3D from Port UPA0 the UE60
starts normal. I replaced the defective Creator 3D
with a working Creator 3D (same board, but newer revision),
but I couldn't get boot- or X11-screen.

Then I removed this Creator and tried a PGX- and a PGX32-
PCI-Grafic-Card ... no boot-screen ... but I can see via
telnet the devices in the /var/adm/messages after rebooting
with reconfigure.

What's going wrong ?

Thanx Michael

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