[SunHELP] Fresh Sol10 installation, kern.warning-messages

Michael Karl mk at lexcom-net.de
Wed Nov 8 03:09:37 CST 2006


I've installed Solaris 10 6/06 on a Sun AXmp+Workgroup-Server.
After this I've installed the latest Recommended-Patch-Cluster.

After reboot I'm finding these messages (/var/adm/messages):
first warning ...
Nov  8 07:18:47 LexDataServ unix: [ID 257829 kern.warning] WARNING: 
interrupt 0x7d8 at level 15 not serviced
second/third warning ...
Nov  8 07:20:37 LexDataServ unix: [ID 931183 kern.warning] WARNING: 
mondo 0x7e8 in use
Nov  8 07:20:37 LexDataServ i2c: [ID 233925 kern.warning] WARNING: 
i2c[0], _initialize_software(): ddi_add_intr(inum=0) returns -1, line 832

I didn't find any helpfully hints in the web.
Could someone explain me, what's going on ?

Thanks in advance


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