[SunHELP] Boot-Problem UE60

Michael Karl mk at lexcom-net.de
Thu Nov 2 03:40:19 CST 2006

Thanx for answer.

I solved the problem and the new R220 is running stable.
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>> Hello,
>> I have to transfer a Solaris7-OS from a defect UE60
>> to an other machine R220.
>> The devices-table is changed ... ok.
>>> From the ok-prompt I can boot the new disk.
>> But then the machine "can't stat /dev/rdsk/c0t1d0s0"
>> just before the filesystem-check of /.
>> I boot from cdrom and transfer the recommended /dev/dsk,
>> /dev/rdsk und /devices to the new boot-disk.
Some files in /etc I'd forgot to change ... path_to_inst !

>> Nothing help till now ... any hints
>> Thanx Michael
> hopefully you've had luck by now.   surprising to have anything other than
> an easy time since the UE60 (assuming its the same as Ultra-60) has the
> same motherboard as the rack-mount R220 (assuming it's the same as 220R).
> but if there are other similar models and you're not going from an Ultra-60
> to a 220R then there may be other problems.
> why not boot to single-user mode and look at the root filesystem while it's
> read-only and make sure you can read it.
> and since you have the cdrom, if you can put in a scratch disk, install
> Solaris7 on the spare disk and make sure that runs before changing stuff
> around on the original disk.
> -ron
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