[SunHELP] Reconfiguring an A1000

Werth, Dave dave.werth at garmin.com
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Well, our DB consists of a lot of small tables (< 2K) and a few larger ones
and is probably 98% read access and 2% write most of the time so maybe the
2K DB Block Size is ok.  I'm not really interested in reconfiguring Oracle
at this time but maybe I'll use 128K stripes and leave some room for
changing Oracle in the future.  Upgrading Solaris or Oracle is not an option
at this time since the ERP software is not certified beyond our current
levels.  I understand the issues with RAID 5 but can't afford to lose all of
the capacity it would cost me to go to RAID 1 on all of the array and as I
said we never have complaints about performance.

Thanks, Dave

David Werth
Garmin AT, Inc
Salem, Oregon
dave.werth at garmin.com

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one of our highly paid Oracle consultants, in the past with smaller
disks (4GB or 9GB),  had me configure our oracle arrays as 8k blocks &
128k stripes.  With today's' larger disks (36GB or 72GB) they recommend
double bubble - 16k block size and stripe size of 256k. Also to stay
away from RAID V for anything with high I/O. Works marginally well for
stuff that is mainly Read, but mixed or mainly writes use striped and
You now have about the sum total of my oracle expertise.
>From the SA's perspective I can tell you that I have been surprised at
the performance improvement
since we went to Solaris 9.

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