[SunHELP] Reconfiguring an A1000

Daniel Nuno daniel.nuno at gmail.com
Tue May 23 21:48:25 CDT 2006


Your plan looks good to me, but I think you should also consider a DR plan,
because your downtime will be on friday and for some hours, so if you have
any problem, will be a little bit difficult to get support or spare parts.

Between step 5 and 6, you should consider creating the new file systems.

And depending on the amount of information and your stripe size is the time
of the restore.

Later, could be interesting for you to consider the firmware update:

Hard disks

My suggestion would be to start step by step on the firmware update, don't
do too many changes at the same time.

Don't forget to run an explorer and keep it safe. To extract a module
profile from rm6 could be a good idea as well.


On 5/23/06, Werth, Dave <dave.werth at garmin.com> wrote:
> Folks,
> We have an E450 running Solaris 2.7 with an attached A1000.  The A1000
> currently has eight 9 GB drives and two 18 GB drives.  Five of the 9 GB
> drives are configured in a RAID 5 array, two are RAID 1 (mirrored) and the
> two 18 GB drives are also RAID 1.  We have one 9 GB hot spare.  We use
> Raid
> Manager 6 to administrate this.  (I know this is old stuff but it works
> for
> us.)
> On Friday we will be removing all of the 9 GB drives are adding nine 18 GB
> drives for a total of eleven 18 GB drives.  One will be a hot spare and my
> plan at the moment is to configure the rest into two 5 disk RAID 5's (but
> I'm open to suggestions if you have a better way) but I don't plan on
> changing the logical structure of the LUN's/file systems, just increasing
> the size of each.  One other thing, the only software on these file
> systems
> is our ERP system and Oracle databases, no system stuff (not even the
> Oracle
> executables) which is on a mirrored set in the E450 itself.
> So my plan is to:
> *       Shut down Oracle and the other active software.
> *       Run a full backup
> *       Unmount the file systems and delete the configurations using RM6
> *       Shut down the system and A1000 and change out the drives.
> *       Reboot the system and reconfigure and remount the new drives
> *       Restore the backup
> *       Reboot the system and make sure everything is ok.
> *       Go home :-)
> Since I don't do this very often I hope some of you may have
> comments/suggestions about my plan or at least confirm that it's a good
> plan.
> Thanks, Dave
> David Werth
> Garmin AT, Inc
> Salem, Oregon
> dave.werth at garmin.com
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