[SunHELP] CDE does not start with Terminal window

Marek Grinberg marek.grinberg at tele2.se
Wed May 17 08:52:44 CDT 2006

The reply below solved my problem.


Martin Frost skrev:
> On Wed, 17 May 2006, Marek Grinberg wrote:
>> In a E250 running Solaris 8 I have a newly created user that runs CDE, 
>> and it does not start a Terminal window automatically.
>> How do I force CDE to start a Terminal window ?
> Open the window in the normal way and set it up how you would like it when
> the use logs in (size, position, font size, and so on).
> Then open the Startup component of the Desktop Style Manager, click "Set
> Home Session..." to remember the current session as the user's home
> session, and set the "At Login:" radio buttons to "Return to Home
> session". Finally select OK to save.
> Doing this means that every time the user logs in there will be just a
> single terminal window open. Another way of doing this is simply to leave
> the defaults in the style manager ("Resume current session"), open the
> window and log out. If you do this, however, then if the user closes the
> window before logging out, or has other programs open when logging out,
> then the previous state of the desktop will be restored.
> Martin
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