[SunHELP] CDE does not start with Terminal window

Martin Frost martin at omniconsumerproducts.com
Wed May 17 08:04:54 CDT 2006

On Wed, 17 May 2006, Marek Grinberg wrote:

> In a E250 running Solaris 8 I have a newly created user that runs CDE, 
> and it does not start a Terminal window automatically.
> How do I force CDE to start a Terminal window ?

Open the window in the normal way and set it up how you would like it when
the use logs in (size, position, font size, and so on).

Then open the Startup component of the Desktop Style Manager, click "Set
Home Session..." to remember the current session as the user's home
session, and set the "At Login:" radio buttons to "Return to Home
session". Finally select OK to save.

Doing this means that every time the user logs in there will be just a
single terminal window open. Another way of doing this is simply to leave
the defaults in the style manager ("Resume current session"), open the
window and log out. If you do this, however, then if the user closes the
window before logging out, or has other programs open when logging out,
then the previous state of the desktop will be restored.


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