[SunHELP] Mail sent but not received

Marek Grinberg marek.grinberg at tele2.se
Wed May 10 16:59:54 CDT 2006

Thanks for the reply.

My aim is to reconfigure sendmail to send mail to external recipients 
using mail.x.com (the real name is obfuscated).
I am not interested in setting up sendmail to receive any from external 

I have Mozilla Thunderbird set up so that POP3 is mail.tele2.se and SMTP 
is mail.x.com
It works like a charm.

Any hints ?


Martin Frost skrev:
> On Wed, 10 May 2006, Marek Grinberg wrote:
>> Replacing DRmail.x.com with DR in /etc/mail/sendmail.cf:
>> DR
>> made sendmail to local user work OK.
>> How do I set up sendmail to send mail to external user ?
> I don't really know Sendmail specifics as I normally use Exim, but it
> looks as though you have a Sendmail config designed to send all mail
> to an external relay ("smart host") for processing. This is a very common
> (and sensible) structure in networks of more than a few machines, or
> where site firewall policy restricts outbound SMTP connections. It is
> certainly not what you want if you want this machine to have a local
> mailstore, which your comments seem to suggest that you do.
> Because I'm not a Sendmail expert I can't tell you what changes need to be
> made to your configuration, but I would suggest that you find some example
> Sendmail config files for the sort of setup you want and look at those,
> rather than trying to hack your existing config, which appears to have
> been set up for a completely different purpose and probably needs many
> other changes.
> If you do want this machine to simply relay all mail, whatever the
> destination, to a fixed host, then changing the "mail.x.com" to the
> hostname of the fixed host should do the job.
> Martin
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