[SunHELP] Quad card problems on SUN 5.8

Patrik Usher Patrik.Usher at cardium.se
Thu Mar 30 07:04:36 CST 2006

Hi Will

Yes, I did use boot -r after installation.


On Mar 30, 2006 02:59 PM, Will McDonald wrote:

>On 30/03/06, Patrik Usher wrote:
>>Think you on to something there.
>>Have the device path in path_to_inst,
>>"/pci at 1e,600000/pci at 5/SUNW,qfe at 0,1" 0 "qfe" and so on.
>>But don't have under /devices/pci at 1e,600000/
>>pci at 5B and futher is missing.
>>/dev/qfe pionts to /devices/pseudo/clone at 0:qfe
>>qfe from /etc/driver_aliases points to: qfe SUNW,qfe and I can see
>>driver is loaded by kernel.
>>Shouldn't qfe point to a pci instance in /etc/driver_aliases ?
>Maybe a silly question but did you "touch /reconfigure" then reboot or
>boot -r after adding the card?
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