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George Munk MUNKG at iomega.com
Mon Mar 13 09:33:27 CST 2006

We had a problem with Solaris 9, network trunking and ce network
interfaces. There was a memory leak that caused the system to become
completely unresponsive after about three days of uptime. The latest
recommended patch cluster and patch  115855-09 fixed the problem.


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Hi all,
We face a hanging  problem of Sun server V440 . All hardwares is working
Is there is any bug for Sun Server Model Sun FireV440 which uses the ce0
Morever what is the latest patches for Sun Server
1.    SunFire V440    : For Sun Solaris - 8 and Sun Solaris- 9
2.    Ultra-450            :For Sun Solaris - 8 and Sun Solaris- 9
3.    Ultra-250            :For Sun Solaris - 8 and Sun Solaris- 9

Most probably the server get hanged because of older patches.


Sunil Rawat
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