[SunHELP] actual, not average CPU load?

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Tue Mar 7 06:24:46 CST 2006

> Thanks, James. Yor point is clear. I would like to explain why the need for suc
> h precise measurements. My aim is to monitor a process that receives data every
>  15 minutes and processes it for some short time. I need then to draw a graph t
> hat would show how long the process is busy processing the data. On my present 
> graphs based on the results from `ps` I have something that resembles a cardiog
> ram. So, people are asking me "Hey, why is that process so reluctant to free th
> e CPU after the processing is over? Because on the CPU load graph we see a peak
>  rise, then the line goes flat for some time (processing occurs) and then it sl
> owly goes down instead of dropping. Why?" So I guess I need to make it clear fo
> r the colleagues that this is the way `ps` measures the CPU load time.
> The problem is, I am using sort of a factory-tailored Solaris installation with
>  a fixed set of tools, and it is forbidden to install anything else. So, no pkg
> _add for me.

Could you call the process with 'time' for a while to show how long the 
CPU actually works on the data before it finishes? 'time' is part of 
Solaris, I don't think adds too much overhead, and will let you show 
exactly how long the process runs.


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