[SunHELP] actual, not average CPU load?

Brigance, Leslie V, WCS lbrigance at att.com
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Speaking from my experience, you are asking for a miracle.
There are good performance tools available, but anything which gave you
the kind of accuracy and timing you are asking for would carry so much
overhead that the tool itself would distort your information to the
of uselessness.
Hopefully others have better options/opinions for you.

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I am running application tests on Solaris 9 SPARC. Several daemons are
running. It is necessary to measure the performance of some of these
daemons for a certain period of time.

The problem is that `top` shows an average CPU load for a certain
process, and I need the actual CPU load at some certain moments. In
other words, I need a tool that would give me absolute, not average CPU
load values. If the daemon is consuming 50% of CPU at 15:00:01, I want
to see exactly this percentage at this exact time. If it stops the
processing at 15:00:11, I want to see the CPU load go down at this exact


Phew. I hope I made myself more or less clear.

What tool would you advise that can monitor the processes the way I have


Thank you.
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