[SunHELP] Sun Fire V100 and large drives over 80GB

Dale Ghent daleg at elemental.org
Sun Mar 5 21:32:55 CST 2006

On Mar 3, 2006, at 8:47 PM, electroteque wrote:

> Hi there I was wondering if anyone can help me, i am lookin at fitting
> a drive into my server which is larger than 80GB , am i required to
> purchase the sun supplied seagate drive , or can i fit a larger  
> seagate
> drive purchased locally ? ive attempted to fit a 200G drive before and
> it would only recognise a portion of it. What is the limit there , i
> will be planning to install bsd instead of solaris also.

the ALi chipset used on the V100 (and on the Netra X1 as well)  
supports up to ATA-100, so you're limited to 137GB drives as the max.


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