[SunHELP] Sony/HP CF1113F MO Drive

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I'm going to send this and hope there are no assassins in the group.
I had a similar situation with several 4GB compaq drives.
I ended up connecting the drives to an Adaptec SCSI controller
in a machine running NT 4.0 (sacrilege, I know).
when I powered on the box and went into the adaptec utilities
I was able to run a full format on the drive.
 (It took hours, of course) but when finished was able to move
it to an SS20 running Solaris 8 and use
it with no problems after writing a label to it.
I had to do them one at a time, but this was a couple of years
ago when a 4GB drive was still worth $50 or more.
Good luck (you can pick up an older Adaptec on eBay for very little

Going to go hide now in case someone is looking for me.

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I got a pair of working 2.6GB MO drives out of an old HP jukebox a
couple of weeks back (it's a shame we had to break the jukebox up it
was a hell of a piece of engineering - still no room for it :o( ).

I mounted one up in a 411 case and hooked it to the U60 via a HD68 to
HD50 cable, with a terminator hooked on the other of the 411's SCSI
ports. From here inwards however I'm totally lost. I logged into CDE
as root and it threw up a 'format disk' dialog for  the device:


But any attempt to format it produces no results. I've tried newfs-
ing the same device and it spews back all sorts of stuff about it
needing things to be set to certain numbers and I don't really
understand newfs or mk2fs enough to get what it means. I'm using
2.6GB (1.3 per side) Plasmon RW discs, which are 1024 bytes/sector.
Could this be an issue? I've heard vague mention of problems with
non-512 bytes/sector devices but I thought it as only on old machines.

I know the drive works A-ok as I currently have it hooked to a Mac
with a 2.6GB disk in, and I can format and copy to the disk, then
copy off again. The mechanisms are spotlessly clean and the drives
are generally in v. good shape for their age.

Anyone know where I start trying to get these drives talking to my
Suns (U60, SS10 and SS5). I intend to use MO as my backup media for
my Java development projects and other critical files, hopefully from
most of my machines over NFS.


Mark Benson

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