[SunHELP] CPU Swap from U1c to U1e

Ahmed Ewing aewing at townisp.com
Sun Jun 11 14:01:38 CDT 2006

> Hi Guys
> I've just been given a 167mhz Ultra 1 Creator, I'd like to take the cpu
>  out of this box & stick it in my 143mhz Ultra 1 Enterprise box, is 
> this
> possible??
> Sevan

Effectively possible, but not exactly how you are intending...

First, be careful with your terminology. An "Ultra Enterprise 1" is 
simply a badge-engineered Ultra 1 that did not ship with a framebuffer. 
This was a simple marketing ploy and the box is, for all intents and 
purposes, a plain U1. Do not confuse this with an "Ultra 1E", which is 
an updated version of the original Ultra 1, featuring a UPA graphics 
connector, 100baseTX Ethernet, and FW SCSI instead of SBus graphics, 
10baseT, Fast-SCSI. CPU speed is insufficient to determine U1 vs. U1E, 
since 140/170MHz could be either (200MHz was "E" only). If the U1 has 
an onboard 68-pin SCSI connector, it's the "E" variant.

With that said, CPUs are hard-mounted and not meant to be removed from 
any U1 motherboard variant (think SS4/SS5 vs SS20). You'd need to swap 
the entire motherboard assemblies between the two U1 chassis, and carry 
over any SBus cards, DIMMs, and disks (as well as NVRAM if you don't 
want the hardware address/hostid to change) back to their respective 
boxes. In other words, you might as well just leave the motherboards 
as-is and move whatever components you choose ("Ultra Enterprise" badge 
included, if it makes you feel better :) ) to the new box. Only 
"gotcha" there is that I don't remember if U1 and U1E used the same 
kernel, so it may require an OS reinstall if you want to move your old 
root disk to the new box. I'm fairly sure this will be required, but 
maybe someone else on the list can confirm.

Hope that helps... good luck.


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