[SunHELP] need help with scsi in a blade 100

Arthur Wouk awouk at nilenet.com
Fri Jul 21 22:57:22 CDT 2006

i have a blade 100 which i am bringing into operation. i want to place a
fast scsi drive in the second drive slot, to improve performance. 

i have place a sunpci scsi card (SYM22801) into a pci slot,  it is
recognized, and using a wierd cable i have (probably from a RAID or some
such multiple drive device), i connected an internal  68pin output from the
card to the 68pin input to a 611 box's 68pin input, and the drive in it (a
sca drive) was recognized and mountable.

i wouuld like to put a drive inside the blade 100. i have figured out the
path for the cable, but i can't find a cable which will work. sun doesn't
list it as a product - when i check, i find only the external 68pin vhdci
to H68pin connector.

anyone have a cable suitable for this purpose, or able to describe what i
have to get to make an internal connection?

what about scsi termination? this is handled automatically by the external

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