[SunHELP] 'Bad Slots' on Enterprise 6500 and 3500

Phil Stracchino phil.stracchino at speakeasy.net
Fri Jul 21 21:49:38 CDT 2006

David Froman wrote:
> After running the 6500 for a few months the electric bill was getting a tad
> steep, so I decided to have a 3500 take over for the 6500.  The 3500 was
> running 8 336mhz processors so I figured I would replace them with 400's from
> the 6500.  The 3500 had been up for several months as well and had not
> previous issues..  I pulled boards from slots 0,2,4 and 10 on the 6500 and
> installed them in the 3500, which had been online 5 minutes earlier with no
> problems.  When I booted up I received memory errors on every board.  I
> tracked the problem with the 3500 down to slot 7.  Any board in slot 7
> produces errors for every board.  At first I figured that maybe just all the
> boards in the 6500 were 'flaky' so I reverted back to the original 336mhz
> processors still in their original boards.  But the problem remains.  Slot 7
> produces errors for every board.
> I've dug around in the Sun guides ever since this problem first presented on
> the 6500, but now it's become a major issue.  The 3500 needs to manage a
> database that's large enough to where I want to maximize the memory.  If this
> problem is correctable I would give most anything to learn how to clear it.
> Once the memory errors run through though, the POST hangs at (PRIV)
> Priviledged Code, (TO) Time Out Error.  OBP does not launch so I never get to
> a point to attempt any corrective measures via the console.
> So my questions are:
> Has anyone seen anything like this before?
> Are these slots really fried?

It sounds like you have a bad backplane.

Can you get into OBP if you boot the machine with slot 7 empty?  Will it
pass POST that way?

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