[SunHELP] Solaris 9 & qlogic drivers

Monique Marais Monique.Marais at alindigo.com
Thu Jul 6 03:11:26 CDT 2006

Hi Steve

They are sun re-branded QLA2342 HBA's.

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Hi Monique -

Your first post said that you were using qlogic 2342
with emc storage.  Now you're saying that you are
using sun branded hba's?  Which is it please?  Are you
trying to use hba's installed in a pci slot or tying
into the existing fc-al onboard implementation? 

The existing on-board fc-al is indeed qlogic - but you
do not use the qlogic drivers.

There is a distinct difference in the way you
implement depending upon whose card you use.  If it is
indeed pci-based sun branded hba's, then you need to
follow the sun docs.  Go to sunsolve and grab
819-2540-12 and 819-2541-12.  

If you are trying to tie into the exising onboard
fc-al with single or dual loop implementations - then
you need to consult 
and its associated notes.


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