[SunHELP] What exactly does a "Link Failure" mean on startup (5.10 - 1/06 x86)

David Froman dfroman at cray-powered.org
Mon Jan 30 16:00:17 CST 2006

Just a quick check, but do you have another NIC on this machine?  Say like a 
built in NIC?  The link failure messages I've seen on my S10 box's are for 
adapters that don't have cable plugged in to them.


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> Hello all,
> On my home machine I have a 3Comm 905C-TX 10/100 Ethernet card.  It
> works well in all OSes I've tried it with.  The Solaris 10 1/06
> install kept detecting a "link" failure on elxl0 (my interface).  I
> was able to get it working by playing around with it (essentially a
> sysunconfig didn't fix it, but running ifconfig dhcp-auto did) but I
> still get a link failure message on bootup.  Even so, it finds my DHCP
> server and retrieves an IP and DNS information just fine.  I'm
> basically curious what this error message means exactly and what (if
> anything) I can do fix the problem so the error won't be reported on
> startup.
> Micah
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