[SunHELP] What exactly does a "Link Failure" mean on startup (5.10 - 1/06 x86)

Micah DesJardins micahdj at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 09:53:18 CST 2006

Hello all,

On my home machine I have a 3Comm 905C-TX 10/100 Ethernet card.  It
works well in all OSes I've tried it with.  The Solaris 10 1/06
install kept detecting a "link" failure on elxl0 (my interface).  I
was able to get it working by playing around with it (essentially a
sysunconfig didn't fix it, but running ifconfig dhcp-auto did) but I
still get a link failure message on bootup.  Even so, it finds my DHCP
server and retrieves an IP and DNS information just fine.  I'm
basically curious what this error message means exactly and what (if
anything) I can do fix the problem so the error won't be reported on


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