[SunHELP] Software RAID on E450

velociraptor velociraptor at gmail.com
Tue Jan 24 20:12:27 CST 2006

On 1/23/06, David Froman <dfroman at cray-powered.org> wrote:
> 2.  Does anyone know the performance I can expect running software RAID
> Solaris Volume Manager in Solaris 10?  The drives are a mix of Seagate
> ST318404, Fujitsu MAJ3182MC and IBM DDYS-18350.  The SCSI controller is a
> SYM22802.  The workload of the server is: email, apache (<2500 hits per
> mysql. The D1000 will be storing media files that will be accessed from a
> media center pc, so SAMBA will also be running.  All the computers on the
> network are 100Mb and run through a Catalyst 5000 switch.

All of our gov't web site runs on SVM'd boxes--on the same disks as
the root disks, so I don't really think that you'd see an issue.  How many
connections are you expecting from the SMB side?  That's probably
your biggest bottleneck.

We run Teamsite on an E450 similarly config'd but with local internal
disks through SVM and some bogus Teamsite crud.  It's pretty slow,
but I put that down to a) slow internal bus and b) Teamsite is junk.

> 3.  I would like to set the cabinet up at 11 data/parity and 1 hot standby
> that is possible.  I have absolutely 0 experience with SVM so can someone
> advise if that is even possible?

Yes, you can have hot spares with SVM.

> 4.  In the near future I will be a SRC/P RAID controller for the internal
> expansion drives.  Will I get myself into trouble running both hardware and
> software raid on the same box?

No trouble per se--this happens all the time in the Solaris world. Here
we generally mirror root via SVM on internal disks and if we have HW
RAID, it would be for app data only.


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