[SunHELP] application querry

Sunil Rawat sunil.rawat at techbooks.com
Wed Jan 11 04:14:48 CST 2006

Hi all,
We are using sun servers with Sun OS Ver-5.8 and Sun Ver-5.9 .
We were using Application :
Ether Share (Helios) Ver:3.1
PDF Hand Shake Ver-2.1
Acrobat Distiller Ver-6.0
Adept Ver-5.0
TeTeX-Latex Ver-2.02
Emacs Ver-21.1
Now we are moving to the Sun OS Ver 5.9 or 5.10. Actually i want to know 
that is all the above mentioned application are running on the sun os 
ver-5.9 or 5.10.
sunil rawat

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