[SunHELP] Migrating from one workstation to another

Christopher Singleton cas40 at bu.edu
Tue Feb 28 15:02:57 CST 2006


          I have a Sun Blade 150 running Solaris 9.  I am considering a 
purchase of a used Sun Blade 2000 and upgrading from the 150 to the 2000 
as we could really use the computing power.  Two questions, the first 
one is:

A)  Can you simply swap out the hard disk on the 150 and put it in the 
2000, and have everything run fine?

B)  If I wanted to keep the old SB 150 with everything intact as a 
backup, how involved is the process to mirror the entire HDD onto the 
2000, copying absolutely everything?  Has anyone done this before, was 
it worth the time? 

Thanks in advance, I appreciate any help I can get.


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