[SunHELP] realplayer10 on solaris10?

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Sat Feb 25 11:44:40 CST 2006

" From: awouk at nilenet.com (Arthur Wouk)
" there is available at helix.com release of realplayer-10 as a
" self-extracting and installing file. i installed it on an ultra-2
" which runs solaris10 and also has firefox as its browser.
" i tested it at the links available at www.operacast.com (i happen to
" prefer classical music...) with the following problems:

i've had problems with rp-10 as well.  i'm running s8 on a u1/170.

" 3) so i tried the obvious: get realplayer 8. i did get that, but, alas,
" it seems only to know about netscape, not firefox. there is NO
" netscape in solaris 10 (thank god).

firefox, up until 1.5, was just the browser portion of the
netscape/mozilla code.  ff 1.0.7 = moz 1.7.12

" i did put the appropriate plugins into firefox, by the way.

did you actually copy the realplayer plugin into the plugins dir, or
symlink it?  some plugins won't work unless you only symlink their
original loc into the browser plugins dir.  ask me how i know...

" does anyone have a fix for problem 2? 
" or else, a way to tell firefox to use realplayer8? i have it located
" in a totally different location. realplayer10 is in /usr/RealPlayer,
" while realplayer 8 is in /opt/Realplayer8.

you shouldn't have to do anything more than place the symlink into
plugins, then [re]start firefox.   you can check with 'about:plugins'
in the url window.
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