[SunHELP] realplayer10 on solaris10?

Arthur Wouk awouk at nilenet.com
Fri Feb 24 23:43:40 CST 2006

there is available at helix.com  release of realplayer-10 as a
self-extracting and installing file. i installed it on an ultra-2
which runs solaris10 and also has firefox as its browser.

i tested it at the links available at www.operacast.com (i happen to
prefer classical music...) with the following problems:

1) it plays bbc radio3 which transmits its audio stream via realplayer
G2 8, just fine. (not a problem, of course.)

2) none of the other stations streaming via that protocol play. in
each case, i get a download window for the codec involved, and when i
try to open it, nothing happens.a just nothing.

3) so i tried the obvious: get realplayer 8. i did get that, but, alas,
it seems only to know about netscape, not firefox. there is NO
netscape in solaris 10 (thank god).

i did put the appropriate plugins into firefoc, by the way.

does anyone have a fix for problem 2? 

or else,  a way to tell firefox to use realplayer8? i have it located
in a totally different location. realplayer10 is in /usr/RealPlayer,
while realplayer 8 is in /opt/Realplayer8.

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