[SunHELP] CD Drive Not Cooperating

Vince Sabio vince at vjs.org
Sat Feb 11 16:40:24 CST 2006

I'm doing a clean installation of Solaris 9 (a particular software 
package requires 8 or 9) on an Ultra-1 Creator 3D. The system boots 
from the Installation CD just fine, but when it asks for the Software 
1 CD, it ejects the installation CD (which is correct) and then 
refuses to read, or even spin up, any CD that is inserted after that; 
it simply ejects the CD a couple of seconds after it has been 
inserted. If I do a power-off from openboot, the machine shuts down, 
but the CD drive does not retract the tray. Any idea what's up?

Vince Sabio                                                  vince at vjs.org

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