[SunHELP] Solaris ldap client and openldap server

Simon Annear simon at annear.org
Mon Feb 6 19:01:38 CST 2006

Hi all

I'm in the process of trying to get some Solaris machines to 
authenticate against an openldap server.  I know that I would be much 
better off using Sun Directory Server, however that is not an option in 
this instance.

I'm using the native Solaris ldap client / libraries on the clients, and 
a resonably recent version of openldap.

I've sucessfully been able to get it all working when both the clients 
and server are configured to use crypt as the passwd hashing algorithm, 
but have had no sucess getting it to work with md5 (or sha1).

Has anyone on the list looked into this ?


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