[SunHELP] getting solaris 10 for an ultra 2

Arthur Wouk awouk at nilenet.com
Thu Feb 2 14:24:37 CST 2006

1) i have gone to the sun site, and no matter how i manoeuver, i can't
find where i can download solaris 10 1/06. i can find a solaris
enterprise site. does anyone have a url which will take me to the
download site?

this is for an ultra-2, dual 300 cpus, 1 gig ram, 9+36gig hard drives,
which should do well, i presume. this will work well. it is currently
running solaris 9.

2) it is my understanding that if i get the iso images on the drive with
36gigs, i can run lofiadm from solaris 9 on the 9 gig drive, mount the
initial iso image of solaris10, and install it on the 9 gig drive.
after that, i presume that i can then run lofiadm from solaris10 on the 9
gig, and install the rest of the iso images. is this correct?

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