[SunHELP] SUNPCI3 and USB devices...

Paolo Di Francesco paipai at tin.it
Wed Dec 27 04:15:13 CST 2006

Hi all

I am wondering if somebody can help me.... Here my problem. I have a 
sunpci3 which is equipped with the usb 2.0 ports. Unfortunately I got 
this card on ebay but when I received it I got no USB/Firewire expansion 
Hence at the moment I have only one USB port. The idea was to use a USB 
HUB to expand the usb capabilities, but when I connect the mouse or any 
device on the USB port via the USB HUB it does not work. In few words it 
  looks like the input is taken in burts, i.e. it work for 1 seconds, 
then off for other 2 seconds, then again on for some few seconds. The 
problem is under windows XP/SP2.
The same devices works nicely directly connected to the same (unique) 
USB port. I also tested two different USB HUB with/without external power.

The solutions that I see are:

1) if somebody has the "expansion module", maybe taken from a 
burned/unsued sunpci3, please let me know.
2) if somebody had the same problem, maybe with the downgrade of the 
windows driver, please let me know

Thank you.


Ciao Ciao

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