[SunHELP] solaris-xp netwrk issue

Phil Stracchino phil.stracchino at speakeasy.net
Sat Dec 16 20:45:39 CST 2006

stephen price wrote:
> Sorry - you are not making a whole lot of sense.
> If I even remotely understand what you are attempting
> to say - there are several avenues I'd suggest:
> 1) google "Cygwin" and learn how to do a full
> installation under Windows XP on your laptop and then
> use its NFS server feature.
> 2) google "winxp nfs server" - multiple hits on some
> shareware or low cost software.
> 3) Or maybe the commercial package MKS Toolkit - or
> VMWare so that you can run multiple operating systems
> (like Solaris x86 or linux) on your Window2s XP
> laptop.

4) The NFS tools from MS Services For Unix, which can still be found on
microsoft.com and are probably easier to set up than a full Cygwin

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