[SunHELP] solaris-xp netwrk issue

Doug kittle drkittle at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 16 18:57:04 CST 2006

The mount point I had hoped for was as follows:

 in vfstab
/home/export/  -   nfs -

The goal was to share the C drive on the
laptop(.100) with the Ultra(.99). I guess the vfstab is in error if the ping
is good. I did not think DNS would be needed - the network will not be added

 It would also be ok to use a subdirectory on the laptop, and one other
issue shows up - the solaris system manager will not initialize - just start
to come up and closes,  so I had to use admintool...

Thanks much,
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mount what to where from

--- Doug kittle <drkittle at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hello All Rescue folk,
>   I have been lurking since last year when this list
> rescued my self
inflicted issues... thanks again.
> This time the boss has
> requested me
to set up the ultra5/10 solaris 9 9/04
> machine with an xp
> laptop.
> I have
set ip addr on each machine
> internet thru d-link hub
> I can ping the
laptop, can't seem to create a mounting point
> DNS does not appear to be set
> on solaris
> just need to mount at boot, no need for internet on
> any help
> is appreciated...
> Thanks,
> Doug
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