[SunHELP] Performance measurements

Monique Marais Monique.Marais at alindigo.com
Thu Dec 7 01:59:29 CST 2006

Here's a few I like to use, in general:

# iostat -xtn 5 100 	(DiskI/O)
# mpstat 5 100		(Multi Processor)
# vmstat 5 100		(Mem)
# netstat -i		(Network)
# swap -l			(swap being used)	


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On 12/6/06, John Kennedy <ennoil at yahoo.com> wrote:
> All,
> I haven't worked on Solaris in anger for about a year
> and have lost it...
> A customer of mine is potentially having system
> throughput problems and they want to measure things
> like:
> Disk response times
> Disk throughput (I/O on disk writes)
> Virtual memory
> Memory
> and other fun things like that.
> I know they can use sar, iostat, and vmstat, are there
> any tools I am leaving off?
> Thanks,
> John


Starting with Solaris 10 U2 (definitely in solaris nevada and U3, but
I think it was introduced in U2):

Then of course, there's dtrace. Well worth the time to learn.

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