Mike xa87n at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 6 13:46:27 CST 2006

> You can use: http://www.pc-pitstop.com/scsi_ide_adapters/aec7730.asp
> Altough I've used this on other Sun hardware, I've not tried it
> specifically on a V240. Note that it does U160 only. But you can put
> 500GB sata drives in. You'll also need to add a 68 to 80 pin adapter
> (about $10). We have some V240 but they are in production so I cant
> test that. I know some list members have tried this, maybe somebody
> is
> using this on a V240.

Thanks. It doesn't have to be V240. In this case it would probably be a
smaller model. Or older, although older ones take more U so we will see
about that.

> put the drives in, devfsadm so they show up as c1t2d0, c1t3d0, c1t4d0
> then:
> zpool create mybigspace raidz c1t2d0 c1t3d0 c1t4d0
> you are done. Hard to be simpler than that.
> To create a filesystem on your pool:
> zfs create mybigspace/u01
> zfs set compression=on mybigspace/u01
> You can combine both above commands in 1. You can also set a
> different
> mount point, set quotas, reservations, no access time (improves
> performance), set snapshots, rollback etc. All with 1 line commands.
> It's trivial to use, free and comes with Solaris 10.

Very nice.

> It uses copy on write. You can pull the plug at any time, it'll
> always
> come back up, unlike most everything else under the sun (no pun
> intended, really. Including hardware raid - we've had many issues
> with
> hardware raid-5 over the years - you still need UFS - altough UFS
> with
> logging is a lot better than it used to be).

I can't wait!

> I'm going to be running some tests on my E5500 with postgresql soon,
> i'm waiting on some new scsi terminators, they should have been here
> weeks ago. I would be able to provide benchmarks then. Look at iozone
> too to tune your system and benchmark stuff in general. Do you know
> how many transactions per second you'll be required to do? Homegrown
> app on top of the database or canned app

No, I don't know at this point.
Thanks again!


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