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Wed Dec 6 11:00:52 CST 2006

--- Daniel Nuno <daniel.nuno at gmail.com> wrote:

> Mike,
>  You can't configure RAID 5 using the boot disks, only RAID 1.

Thanks, that is what I suspected.

> So if you have a V240, 2 disks should be a RAID 1 to support the OS,
> and you
> have 2 left. You can use RAID 1 as well, but the biggest size is of a
> disk
> is 146 GB.

Yes, that might be an option, if (hardware) raid5 doesn't work out

> You can use a V240 connected to an old D1000, and using SVM you can
> configure your RAID5. Don't forget to buy the SCSI Differential HBA.
> V240 + SCSI Differencial HBA PCI + D1000 + SVM
> The Ultra 450 is quite old and there are many versions. The basic
> version
> only contains 4 slots for disks.
> You have to buy the expansion controllers, so is the same as your
> V240.

Does Ultra 450 come with hardware raid5?

> Why don't you try with a V880? they always came with 6 disks.

It is too expensive and large for this project.


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